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face1Our workshop – a unique school of astrology and counseling center . We keep the old English astrological tradition known accuracy of the predictions and forecasts.

Be Your Own Astrologer!

Perhaps there is no person who has ever in my life would not have dreamed of itself make for yourself an astrological forecast, and look into the future …
Young girls quarreled with the second half, repeatedly asked ourselves: “Will return there? Right? “Not out of love.

Businessmen on the eve of the signing of a major transaction thought, “will sign the contract or refuse?”.

Young mothers, giving a favorite child in the school, not just puzzled: “School Sport biased or is it a language.”

Each of us every day surrounded by millions of questions, the answers to which are often dependent on our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Now imagine for a moment that people are able to predict future events through the astrological predictions, just before it was available only to the elite.

Who is this site?

  1. You want to look to the future, to see the consequences of a choice.
  2. You want to get answers to the questions on which depends the happiness and well-being of your loved ones.
  3. Do you feel that the astrological forecast may become a thing of your life.
  4. You are already doing astrology, and you know how much you know, but you want more.

In the ” News ” you can read the most important articles on astrology and news about our school of astrology, ask us questions or leave your comments.

With our courses in astrology, you will be able to master this wonderful profession, learn to make horoscopes, astrology to make his life’s work or to improve their skills at special seminars. Borders for your professional growth, there is no – if you live far from the capital, you can deal with the teachers in our workshop in the virtual space of the Internet.

An indispensable tool in your training will Tutorial on astrology and astrological programs .

If you are worried about some problem or you want to get personal advice or a forecast astrologer – welcome to the individual consultation .

Decide how fast and by what means you prefer to move to a knowledge of the future through horoscopes. And in any case we will be happy to accompany you and help in your way.

In honor of our love, we want to make you a gift , and discover the secrets of the astrological “kitchen” – astrological techniques on real projections, each of which has successfully come true.

Mark your Rusborn