Report on the trip to St. Petersburg

  • With Sergei Yasheninym miss on English ale mug
  • In a rare moment of turn on the lights
  • And most of the time a master class held in the shadows
  • And as always astrologers actively involved in the work
  • Breaks – the best time for informal communication
  • Memorable autographs
  • And of course, the evening with friends
  • Merry

    And sometimes thoughtful. But in any case – not dull

    The master class was very dynamic. Besides the general theoretical part and case studies we were able to “flip” a dozen live horarov, and maybe more. Often considered horary students with known outcome. Kinda retrognoz. Moreover, the actual event finals voiced after the card was pulled. Although there were a lot of live projections.

    Really liked the organization of the master class. The atmosphere was surprisingly cozy – we are all engaged in the shadows, walking in slippers on the carpet. As always, students were involved in the analysis of maps, they were both in the field and at the blackboard.

    Peter greeted me as warmly all – the weather is warmer than in Moscow, a fun evening with friends in St. Petersburg cafes and bars. Special thanks to Lada Heo for the excellent organization of this week-end seminar.

Interview with Vladimir Mutes

Today Mark Rusborn was visiting Vladimir Surdina – known scientist from the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg (Moscow State University), an opponent of astrology.

Vladimir, you would not be able to voice the current position regarding the science of astrology?

Before we begin the dialogue, I would like to immediately designate the frame. I can not speak for all scientists. Now some professional astronomers, mathematicians and chemists still passionate about astrology, but before it somehow interested in many of my colleagues.

What kind of years it had been?

From 90 th to 95 th, until all were satisfied astrological books. It was then that began to appear astrology critic. One of the first books in the style of “pro” and “contra” was written by me in collaboration with chemist and astrologer Velichko. It was a book Changeling – he wrote half the books of astrology, I – half against. Then came the era of television debate, at the end of the 90s. The TV in the studio loved reduce astronomers and astrologers and make them argue with each other.

And what was the result?

Dispute failed. The parties had very different styles, manner of speaking, even the appearance is very contrasted. I remember well the debate between Tamara Globa and our St. Petersburg professor Kholshchevnikova – outstanding astronomer. The camera is constantly beating down on Tamara Globa, because she looked great. Besides, it was just interesting to show. She’s a bright woman, beautiful sitting on the dais, and the professor was a bore. He said the right things, but to show it was quite interesting. Therefore, any discussion of TV came out in favor of an astrologer, because he said the bright, flashy things, resulted living examples of floods, earthquakes, cases of life. A professor is constantly “looking for fleas,” talked about the statistics, verification, 3-sigma, sigma-4 … In fact, he was right, but the public expect of the show. We realized that the television discussions ineffective. For those who really want to understand the subject, you need to write.

What are you writing?

We began to supply statistics on the effectiveness of astrology. I have long pleaded with people who have experience in interviewing, questionnaires. But he was not interested. Himself an astronomer can not interrogate large populations. It can scan only those projections that do astrologers themselves. I’ve been looking for at least one good domestic statistical study, but found none. But I collected a lot of Western statistics – where people are more careful in checking astrology. As a result, I have published a series of articles and several booklets.

And what it was then?

After that, I was not interested to engage in a test of astrology. Today I do not feel interest in astrology and my colleagues. We realized that astrology – a kind of social phenomenon, people attending a good prognosis.

What do you think about the contingent of astrologers themselves?

There is a layer of people, and, as a rule, higher education, but not with natural sciences or natural sciences with bad. School teachers, doctors and so on. They and God can not believe in the church do not go – not the audience, but the science is not deeply understand. However, they are attracted by the stars talk about the computer calculations, on projections. I have been to the astrological Academy, I saw the audience that there are trained. This is usually the ladies of a certain age, a certain education. For them it’s something closer to religion than to knowledge. They believe they want to believe, this club. In the end, a person says that is interested in sports, while sitting at the TV with a beer, root for the home team and increasing its belly. No, he was not interested in sports. He is fascinated by stories about the sport. Likewise, people enthusiastic possibility to foresee the future, are divided into those who are really trying to anticipate, making complex mathematical calculations (which astronomers, meteorologists, economists), and those who do exercise seems too complicated, but they also want to be in the jet modern forecasts, support fears, talk about the end of the world. For them astrology – a niche where they feel like a fish in water. It seems to be no serious need of knowledge, but also a set of words and instruments – pseudoscientific. I do feel sorry for these people, than the desire to take up arms to them. What drew their intelligence, the more they are involved, and there is nothing unexpected.

By the way, did you see those 15 letters that are addressed to you, Mikhail Levin?

I saw them. The first two read the rest of became delayed in the hope that will be the time to read. But to be honest, I have not read yet. Of course Levin – a man with a mathematical education, but we’ve been talking in different languages, we have different criteria of truth. Over the years, I realized that all fit under your vision is not possible, each with its own criterion of the truth of life. But this applies only to domestic issues. Science has strict criterion of truth, and many of our everyday activities and statements they do not satisfy.

If I ask you a direct question astronomer – Does Astrology make accurate predictions that you answer?

I will say this, our tests, our statistics, which we have said that there is. Projections of astrologers available to us – it is nothing more than white noise. A white noise is always outputs a coincidence. We even stirred predictions of astrologers and chosen at random – the percentage of hits is the same. I have not seen accurate forecasts. If there has been such an opportunity, believe me, it would be of interest to scientists. If there was a table showing the forecast and the report – as well as in the details of any forecast was justified or not justified. But astronomers do not conduct such a systematic table.

Vladimir, in your articles you’ve written arguments against astrology, such as reckless idea of the tidal influence of the stars.

Wrote it just because someone claimed to like. Criticism is easy to write – maybe someone will read and understand what is actually hot flashes. A serious argument against astrology is only one – it is cruel. This lack of statistical predictions.

What are you nervous in astrology?

That’s what I’m really nervous, but it all unnerving – a direct lie. Explicit and blatant. Well, for example, the statement: “Most great scientists, including Kepler, Tycho Brahe, Newton, Maxwell, Einstein believed in astrology.” We start to understand. Kepler, in fact, built a horoscope – the satisfaction of his mystical inclinations, and helped to live comfortably. Braga initially interested in astrology through it came to astronomy, and then engaged in pure observation. To deal with Newton, I asked his personal library. It was found that among 1752 books preserved after his death, four were on astrology. He bought them a student, learned quickly and became convinced of the futility of this activity. Newton and alchemy tried to do, but we do not call it an alchemist! Even in my library of over 3,000 books, there are two books on astrology. I’m just interested in what is written in them, as the public often confuses astronomers and astrologers, and speaks to us with strange questions. But to say on this basis that I astrologer can not. To say that Newton astrologer – the same can not, it is a pure lie.

Let’s go back to astrology and its social function. Do I understand that you are considering a modern astrology as a surrogate for psychological assistance to the population, as a shop selling hope?

  • Yes. And this is a cheap service. And there is a niche for it. It was and will be in demand.
  • Will you continue to write articles against astrology?
  • I’ve lost interest in it. When I wrote to the soul, he writes easily. But now I distanced himself – let circulates that has already been written. More than that, I will not write. I lost interest. I was still invited to TV shows to crush astrology. But I firmly refuse. It’s as if I volunteered to overwhelm the card divination or guesswork.
  • What are the plans of the RAN Commission to Combat Pseudoscience in relation to astrology?
  • I’m not a member of the Commission, so the plans can not speak. The Commission publishes the newsletter “In defense of science.” I am a member of its editorial board, as much as helping to work on it. In it, I wrote about astrology. It was in the early years. And then the topic faded into the background, because we realized that there are things much more serious, which must be addressed.
  • For example?
  • This is related to medicine, with the patent case, with military spending. Astrologers harmless fact that the vast majority do not receive significant public funding, are engaged in the business for private customers money. And there are people that are patented devices associated with aura, dowsing and other fantasies; convince the military in their effectiveness and knock a colossal budget. In recent years, the commission is engaged in just that. And astrology – it is all on the surface and largely harmless. Who wants to be deceived, cheated of. But this is a private matter.

Best Baby Jumpers Reviews

When child reaches the stage when she can take her head up quickly, she is ready for a child jumperoo. What an exciting time she’ll have with the new freedom of becoming in a position to jump with joy. To be able to touch her tiny feet to the ground, to reach and grasp the colorful toys before her and to be able to activate lights and sounds all by herself!

A child jumperoo is a great deal more than a toy even though. Though she is getting the proper time of her life, all of that jumping, reaching, and grasping is getting her ready for the next large step of walking. Achieving and grasping the toys before her is preparing her to be able to reach and grasp bits of food all by herself.

Numerous baby jumperoos have interactive toys with sounds, music, and lamps that are activated by her jumping action. Some models focus on the babies significantly less than four months of age by providing white and black toys. (Babies cannot see colour till about four months). The toys have two sides – one in black and white and one with colour.

When the model you prefer does not have this feature, you absolutely can provide white and black toys as well as the ones that include the jumperoo. Right after all, it can be such a short time till they are ready for baby jumpers reviews.

Some models possess a 360-degree rotating seat so infant can discover just about every proper part of her jumperoo. You are able to choose from models with a high back providing help and ease and comfort for younger youngsters. Seat adjustments range from three to five positions to cultivate with child.

Newer types of baby jumperoos are free standing as opposed to the older models that require a doorway. Not just are the a great deal safer, but they and transportable and light so that you can go from room to room with ease.

Child isn’t the only person that can benefit from the jumperoo. Moms can also benefit from the freedom of becoming in a position to total her tasks although infant is working out and studying new skills.

With regards to brands and models to select from, there is a substantial cost range and several capabilities to select from. Child will enjoy her jumperoo till she gets to 25 pounds and you will want to select one that will develop with her but still be just as much entertaining then since it was when she was much smaller.

Fisher Price tag has numerous great models. They will have constructed a reputation on security, affordability, and functionality. There are several themes to select from with cute child pets, rainforest themes, and farm pets. They may be colorful and include lights, sounds, and soft toys.

The MamaRoo bouncer was made to simulate the motions just about every Mom makes with child on her hip swinging, rocking, and bouncing to soothe her. It provides music activated by baby’s contact and an Music player connection to supply your personal particular music.

This bouncer has several opportunities from reclining to a sleep position to complete action have fun with time.

The award winning Infant Einstein Musical Motion Action Jumper is rather impressive. It is actually created for extremely young babies with a high back on the seat offering safety and help. It shall adapt to 5 different heights. You can find four activity stations that surround her and provide twelve different games. The seat rotates 360 degrees so she can connect to all of the entertaining toys prior to her.

She can explore various languages with all the electrical piano that introduces colours and shapes in English, French, and Spanish. The teething station is made to soothe although maintaining them involved and stimulated with enjoyment shaped and colorful teethers.

It includes a entertaining mirror, dancing lamps and six classical melodies for auditory and visible stimulation. A big golf ball spins and makes rattling noises, there are entertaining beads for motion or you could attach your personal toys to the hyperlinks and loops on the plaything tray.

All the security components have already been regarded using a padded plaything and seat bars, covered springs, non skid ft. The seat pad is removable for washing and also the jumper folds for easy storage. The play stations are removable for straightforward storage and cleanup also.

The Fisher Price tag Deluxe design seems to concentrate much more on the physical activity of jumping action along with lights, sounds, music, and vivid colorful toys.

When the model you’ve chosen does not include your preferred feature like a piano in three languages or the music you favor, it is easy to customize the choice. She can still have personal toys with those similar features. Right after all, the main function of a child jumperoo is usually to strengthen quads and improve hand-eye coordination although becoming in safe and sound surroundings.

Best Ladders Reviews

Ladders are accountable for hundreds of injuries each and every complete year. Most of them could have been preventable if proper guidance and usage was followed and many more could also have been prevented in the event the ladders were inspected just before they were utilized.

Faulty, broken or bent ladders have the effect of a big proportion of your incidents that occur when operating at height. And making certain equipment is checked just before use is not only sensible it is now part of European guidance and proper danger assessment for best ladder reviews.

Choosing the appropriate Ladder

The first consideration when inspecting any device is to ask yourself if it is the appropriate tool for the work. Generally the wrong ladder is among the known reasons for accident and injury and it is essential to use the right a single when you yourself have to function at height.

Here are some of your different types of ladder:

Leaning ladders – utilized against a wall of other vertical surface. Often extendible, these extension ladders are generally utilized outdoors and will extend to many times their original length.
Step-ladders – additional utilized indoors they are generally utilized for working on ceilings frequently. The step can give an excellent platform for tools and for working on.
Roof ladder – Suspended from roofs these ladders are for operating down to a height rather than up.


The following point to assess is the structural integrity of your ladder. Assure there are no bends, buckling or misshapen rungs. Look for any cracks or splinters in the metal Then. Pay particular focus to where the rungs are mounted on the uprights. Check the rungs are secure and don;t move.

Subsequent verify the bottom of your ladder. If there are rubber feet, ensure they are not worn and they are flat. Generally when a ladder has been used in an uneven surface the feet can wear on a single side causing it to end up being unstable so it is time for you to replace it.


If any harm or faults are found around the ladder it is important that you simply ensure that the ladder isn’t utilized. Not only by yourself but additionally by anyone else. It should be clearly signed and taped along with the harm should be reported as soon as possible and below any situations – Never work with a broken ladder.

Best Windshield Blade Wipers

anco 31 wiper bladesI have troubles throughout the past needed to be changed by the brush, for that reason i composed showing this little guide on how simple and easy it really is, if you understand what to perform. I go skiing a whole lot, so I know how tough it truly is to see in a snowstorm, not forgetting via a cloudy best windshield wipers.

Is there any other thing more irritating than wearing glasses with discolorations or scratches about the lens? The difference among foggy glasses and wiper blades is generally that it only needs to remove his glasses and tidy them on your t-shirt. They didn’t have the very same luxury when the windshield wipers usually do not work.

Presence is critical if you might very well be a vehicle a few thousand pounds along with a fraction of a second reaction the difference amongst fundamental safety and catastrophe to own. Here are a couple of basic standards on how old brush to change.

1. Enhance the wiper blades are locked to the idea with the rotating arms upright. If it gets without browbeating. Some cleaners have a locking tab on the lands that you just may deal with.

2. Examine the existing wiper blade when the blade strikes the link arm. Now he’s going to remove the old wiper. It is normally make it possible for a press tab to release the arm. Some systems have a little metal bump and two tabs on either side. In this complete case, press the tabs and draw to remove the blade.

Quickly after the aged blade is eliminated want to use some anti-seize compound. Examine the brand-new blade – then or just use the arm or fixed with an adapter which includes it.

3. Pat yourself on the trunk. It was not so bad, now was it?

If you have ever substitute your wipers before you understand it may be discouraging, but in case you understand how to bring out that, is a breeze. I swung by a regional car repair work store and took the very first collection wiper blades seen – significant mistake.

In my rush I did not realize that the automobile can be discovered in varied sizes and shapes, which inevitably indicates that they’ve varied parts. Moron. What would you like their existing wipers to determine just due to the fact that they. In a range of sizes In addition, just replace the total wiper blade. I have some people heard, tried to displace the rubber part and does not make sense just. Refills most likely not perfectly fit what.

In bad efficiency I am favorable you might have heard the information above, but this is a hint that might not have actually deemed. Photo a towel or pillow upon the windscreen while the leaves are changed merely by you. In case the wiper is modified when there is an extra sheet extremely easily downwards, the windscreen to burglarize hundreds of dollars in damage.

The difference amongst foggy glasses and wiper blades is usually that it only should eliminate his glasses and tidy them on your t-shirt. Improve the wiper blades are locked to the idea with the turning arms upright. Examine the existing best wiper blades when the blade strikes the link arm. I swung by a regional car repair work shop and took the very first collection wiper blades seen – major error. In a range of sizes In addition, simply change the complete wiper blade.

Best Buy Under Counter Radio

amazon radiosTunes is one’s own ownership, like and enthusiasm which can be checked out. An under cabinet radio might be accessed as a hidden radio as well as being a beneath the desk 1. These compact devices are just best to transform the entire surrounding to something you wish to be in. With all the sleek style you can repair it to anywhere of your choice to invest some high quality time listening to some exceptional tunes.

The kitchen area is one such spot chosen by a most the ladies as it may be the place they reign. No matter what, music sounds the very same nearly everywhere however putting it in the best area allows you to restore and absorb the real essence of it.

An under cabinet radio could be repaired within your kitchen location to make your cooking less challenging by paying attention to FM/weather tuner/TV as well as your chosen rhythms producing life convenient along with the way you want it to be.

With all the improvement in technology, many of them allow MP3 music to amuse you. With regards to the expense it really is considered to be a pleasant solution due to the fact that it is economical and far less expensive than the other stereo devices which exist within the market.

Taking hardly any of your minimal area in the kitchen area, you can connect a listed below cabinet radio anywhere you make certain you as it utilizes the least area. Counters are continuously the main area of indulgence in every cooking area as it is used as a breakfast desk and even for setting up the cooked meals using undercabinet stereo.

You’ll find many who put their utensils on screen on counter tops. By putting the radio, it becomes much more specific than you might have really believed as it will transform your entire kitchen area to a wonderland with music and ecstasy. Now, stepping into your cooking area will constantly be a happy moment when compared with getting out of it.

Under cabinet radios have excellent sound high quality and modifications around the bass sound might be produced inning accordance with your own preferences. Setting your preferred channels and cooking time can assist you browse it quicker than ever before. The hand-held remote serves the best have to tune or shift the channel to your preferred music or MP3. Under cabinet radios are readily available in the market that operate using a Lithium battery power, lasting lengthy when charged.

Comfort within your reaches is what your kitchen area can look like just after getting these most up-to-date elements repaired in the right area. Tune into your favorite stations to take pleasure from cooking with large amount of relaxation and enthusiasm from best under cabinet tv.

On the net buying is recommended to conserve lots of time, energy and work to acquire the best under cabinet radio. You can proceed through real-time reviews in addition to other testimonials to lastly the very best that suite your kitchen space.

Best Quadcopter For Real Estate Photography

best drone for under 200Nowadays, getting the electronic products of every kind is possible at the online sources. If you are unfamiliar with the online sources of these products, then you can explore the Online search engine to learn about the famous providers of best quadcopter under 200. By making a best choice in getting your preferred items, you will in a position to obtain not only the finest products however it will be an expense efficient issue aswell for you.

Regardless of, whether you desire to obtain the items of a distinguished brand or of any brand name however of the very best quality, then you will see it here. In addition, obtaining the very best understanding worrying the items and their finest usages will be much easier for you. Nowadays, the true number of web company firms has actually increased noticeably; therefore, it will be not a tough job for you to find one of the best companies that supply these products wholesale amount.

You might already know that the online resources provide various types of benefits for their clients by offering them rate low expense with their products moreover provide assurance using their items, therefore, producing a choice to obtain your preferred electronic parts at these sources will fulfill your requirement in the finest method.

A purchaser can get home delivery services of their purchased products by calling these agencies, because so many of these web business sources tend to supply the timely house delivery services for his/her global clients.

To truly get your required items in time in addition to at many lucrative prices, there is definitely no choice to choosing this policy of buying electronic items. Apart from getting the global quality products, getting the electronic peripherals, made by the most prominent business firms will be possible for you in this genuine approach.

If you are a newcomer in the field of purchasing crucial electronic parts, then you following this real method will be the best choice for you, as this is really the option that may lead you to attaining the expense and quality effective items, that might satisfy your need in the finest method. If you have to get understanding regarding some of the elements and their manufacturers after that it may also be available there. Most of the online sources have the tendency to provide info concerning their items through drone that can carry gopro.

At the time, if you want to get a similar electronic element in a bulk quantity, you want to find it at the really reasonable rates, as it matters a lot the sum of money of a great deal of electronic part, no matter, whether it is an item of a number of cent or more. In recent times, the wholesale companies merely since provide their items through the online sources, for that reason, when you will remain in great requirement of the rc props in a bulk quantity, you will prefer to own it from these sources as they will supply you an excellent discount rate from the product cost too. You will get quadcopter too from these sources, as these are the sources of all sorts of electronic products.

How Long Can A Best Quadcopter Fly

FPV Systems

Within the occasion that you haven’t currently observed a drone racing contest, you may be asking yourself how it requires place in fact. Needless to say you can not stick to your drone all across the fastened course to assist retain it within your line-of-sight. Just after that how do you retain track of its spot, modify altitude or directions, and locate out predicament inside the competitors? Properly, drone racing will take place by way of FPV or Preliminary Person Watch methods. This type of drone handling can also be known as FPV soaring as the particular person who is going to be soaring a drone views it by way of a display as if he’s in fact sitting within the drone. Thrilling, is not it?

Properly, which is exactly what makes this sport much more satisfying and really worth currently being a component of. As the sport of drone racing could be increasing in popularity all across the around the world planet, the most recent drones come built with personalized goggles that allow the user to find out the complete journey by way of their eyes.

A Racing Drone

The pretty initial matter to complete ahead of you really are a portion of such a sporting occasion is always to purchase a racing drone. Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter You could possibly curently have guessed that not completely all drones qualify for drone racing. These specialized aerial machines can also be referred to as multi-rotor drones; they shift quicker than common drones and so are additionally a great deal additional stable for the best quadcopter. Also, they may be smaller when compared to a drone made for some other goal which include monitoring, information or mapping acquisition. There is a standard on size in terms of a racing drone considering that it needs to transfer in many forms of predicaments, overtake another products flying shut by and get over hurdles.

Functions to take into consideration in the Race Drone

Whilst there is not a limitation across the super model tiffany livingston or make of the drone you bring to the contest, it truly is a great notion to discover what other racers are using to ensure you may additionally obtain a ideal gadget for this perform. Below are a couple of from the functions it is best to look at when trying to find a racing drone:

Velocity: Anything at all that participates within a racing contest must be fast and agile. What great is surely an exceptionally subtle machine with all the latest functions and also a high-resolution video camera, and that is not seriously fast? A guideline will be to obtain a drone that may conveniently go above 35mph and in some predicaments even cross 50mph velocity. To realize this degree of velocity, you’re additionally really need to strong batteries and greater voltages than regular drones.

FPV Video camera: Don’t forget to invest in a super model tiffany livingston that includes a brand new FPV camera and this is actually talked about inside the specs whenever you possess a take a look at a variety of styles of drones. The positioning from the camera could be critical in drone racing mainly because you need to observe what lies ahead when your drone is going to be tilted forward.

Flight Controller: Only bear in mind that devoid of a great journey controller you’re in no way likely to gain a drone racing competitors. Why? For the reason that such a controller involves firmware which makes a drone journey very simple and stable. Numerous newbie pilots can simply overlook this perform however this can be a single suggestion you’re likely to receive from each and every drone racer who has currently established a good encounter inside the field.

Longevity and Insurance coverage: Highly effective drones tend not to come low cost, which suggests you have to get your racing drone covered ahead of receiving involved in a new contest. Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter This is inside of a race occasion because, crash episodes, damages, and collisions are very frequent. In case your drone is not repairable, you happen to be gonna get rid of a great amount of revenue.

Flying a Race Drone

Once you get your fingers on a racing drone, you will need to understand its controls initially. Essential controls are expected for a regular, just-for-enjoyable flight, however when you’re taking component in a competitors with world-class drone pilots as your competitors, you’ll need to master some state-of-the-art level competencies too. Very good tuning your drone to assist retain it stable when getting rid of and soaring in mid-air could be an essential stage. The best way to switch the altitude, tips on how to fly by way of the trees and shrubs and tips on how to avoid obstacles too as collide with little objects for the duration of journey and finding again again across the observe again are a lot of the variables you will need to find out.

FPV soaring is a whole lot much more than heading quicker than some other drones taking part in the competitors just. It can be in regards to the feeling, the fun as well as the pleasure that is definitely integrated with flying right from the starting until finish successfully.

By using a racing drone in the hand, you now not need which you constantly have to consider component in a racing contest to consider pleasure from it. You may also attempt freestyle drone soaring simply to get that very same sensation, which often arrives as a consequence of drone racing. The truth is, it truly is suggested which you initially experiment with all the settings at your house and the moment you may have extensive self-confidence above your competencies at drone soaring must you consider component in a racing event. Try out experimenting with velocity much more than 50mph to observe how your drone reacts. Also, check a variety of other functions and combine them to have much more enjoyable and enthusiasm.

If you would like become a component of this full thrill and pure enthusiasm, just invest in a racing drone and extremely initially master the imaginative art of drone flying by way of on the web programs and video tutorials. From then on enroll into amid the drone racing tournaments and physical exercise until you meet up with the world-class major drone pilots within a competitors and defeat them together with your extraordinary competencies!