Education Astrology in Moscow and Kiev

Full classroom course

The course is suitable for both professional astrologers, and for those who do not know or are not familiar with astrology. Training is conducted in Moscow and Kiev.

Training for astrologers

Designed for professional practicing astrologers and graduates of our workshop. Trainings are held in Moscow. Join us!


This training is designed exclusively for women. You do not need to be an astrologer or have special training to master these unique forecasting techniques. Come and learn.

Do you want to become a professional astrologer and through the years, and after 15 sessions? Do you want to study in depth the most difficult questions astrological sciences and to receive practical help of experienced professionals?

You want your predictions differ high accuracy , you as the expert recommended to friends and colleagues, and to you a queue of customers ???

Or maybe you just want to learn how to solve the most important question a woman’s life – to determine the prospects of development of relations of love ???

In any case, you will be training courses and programs of our astrological workshop . You can choose full-time astrological courses and receive “live” energy assistance, support and motivation of teachers to regular classes or choose distance learning astrology, and move towards the goal in the comfort of your own pace.

At the end of the course you will receive a Certificate of Completion of our astrological school, as an official confirmation that you are the horary astrologer.

Our contacts for full-time courses, workshops and supervision:
Moscow: tel. +7 (495) 648-58-53
Kiev: tel. +38 093 676 44 91