Practicing Astrologer

This section is intended for practicing horary astrology. Here you can find useful tools, as well as the application of predictive techniques of old.

Examples of forecasts

Here are the astrological techniques on real projections, each of which has successfully come true. Many of the techniques described in the form of a teacher’s dialogue with his student, highlighting the practical prediction of subtlety. Open the front of the astrological “kitchen”.


Electronic versions of the tutorial on horary astrology – an indispensable tool for both beginner astrologer and professional. Tutorial on horary astrology in 4 parts is a set of practical tasks and exercises with answers given for self-examination.

Astro program

Why spend time on calculating anti-Soviet, Arab derivatives points, finding species of case completion and prohibitorov.Pozvolte astrological program do it for you. Introducing the development of St. Petersburg programmers “Mr. E”.